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pageMAoP (MentorshipART of Peace)

During HICSS-34, I toured UH-Manoa's EWC Labs at http://PDC.org

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SEEKing Lost Legends of La Flecha



pagePacific Disaster Center (PDC)


...During HICSS-34, I toured UH-Manoa's EWC Labs ...

WatershedMarshal ...* http://www.pdc.org/iweb/pdchome.html **Pacific Disaster Center:**
USNI Content Matches: 3 Community Social Responsibility …
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fileMidwest Mariner-Musings_Pearl-Harbor_Petro-Economics_6n30msw2.pdf 493.9 KB

Sciences]] at [[HICSS]]-34 in January, [[2001]]. KEYWORD selection is pivotal to pioneering
[[Knowledge Management]]/[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_engineering_%28computer_security%29 Social Engineering] …
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During HICSS-34, I toured UH-Manoa's EWC Labs at http://PDC.org to benchmark FEMA-funded "Project IMPACT" prototypes.

Then, my Honolulu Community College host introduced me to his innovative "consequen…
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Sciences (HICSS) during January, 2001. Thinklets are the repeatable peopleware protocols

that help facilitate virtual team tactics with "EayWinWin" Groupware. Thinklets support anonymous voting …
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pageVirtual Team Tactics


233-256. HICSS and MWAIS. ...
www.scribd.com/.../Virtual-Team-Leadership-and-Collaborative-Engineering-Advancements-Contemporary-Issues-and-Implications …
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Futures techniques - Wikipedia

Futures techniques. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. In the multi-disciplinary field of futurology, futurologists use a ...
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Futurology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3.1 Futures techniques; 3.2 Shaping alternative futures; 3.3 Weak signals, ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FuturologyCausal layered analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Causal layered analysis (CLA) is one of several futures techniques used as a ...
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  1. thinkLets / Anticipatory thinking (futures)

    Talk:Futures techniques · Normandale Community College · World Future Society (WFS-2007).
    [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Cybercrime Talk:Cybercrime ...
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  2. [PDF]

    Failure mode and effects analysis

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    Mar 25, 2008 ... 30/03/2008 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Failure_mode_and_effects_analysis ....
    Futures techniques
    . ∎ Failure mode. ∎ Failure rate ...
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  3. http://www.acctts.com/InterACCTTS/Assess-Netspionage-Risks/FMEASQ_4311am.htm 


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Land Institute agroecologist Jerry Glover honored
as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer ...

Here’s TIPS, Tricks & traps to avoid (thinkLets)

from our “CyberCrime Fighting Forum” 2000 facilitated thinking environment.


We adapted MnIPS VIPanel protocols that MnSCU then shared with MECIA & MISAC … Minnesota FBI InfraGard Alliance Chapter precursors!

Community Environmental Remediation Tutoring (CERT)

Aug 31, 2010 ... KS 66227-2640 E-mail: bob@acctts.com  
Education: ... Midwest Electronic Crime Investigators Association (MECIA) ...
www.docstoc.com/.../Community-Environmental-Remediation-Tutoring-(CERT) - Cached


  MentorshipART mapXchange(cc) / RCFL: Regional Computer Forensics Lab

when I shared "lessons learned" from "CyberCrime Fighting Forum 2000" .
... as a pioneering inter-regional "CyberCrime Fighting Forum" during Mar-2000 . ...
minnesotafuturist.pbworks.com/RCFL%3A-Regional-Computer-Forensics-Lab - Cached

  Minnesota Futurists / FutureThought

Jun 25, 2009 ... Our career paths re-crossed in Jan-2001 (at HICSS-34)
when I shared "lessons learned" from "CyberCrime Fighting Forum 2000"  ...
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  Minnesota Futurists / MNF Virtual Team Tutoring Tactics

Sep 5, 2010 ... University of Saint Thomas Graduate Programs in Software
adapted sharing protocols for Upper Midwest "CyberCrime Fighting Forum" 2000. ...
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