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Futurist Jul-Aug 2010

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Scanning the Future of Law Enforcement: A Trend Analysis

By Eric Meade

To understand the potential futures of crime and justice, one must explore a full range of issues, the connection of which to law enforcement may at first seem tangential at best. Our perspectives and behaviors relative to crime and justice are informed by larger changes taking place around us—socially, technologically, environmentally, economically, and politically. Scanning the horizon for trends and developments that may influence the future of crime and justice informs our strategies to create the future we prefer.


Trends Shaping Tomorrow’s World: Forces in the Natural and Institutional Environments

For nearly half a century, Forecasting International has been tracking the forces that shape our future. Some 20 years ago, we codified our observations into a list of trends that forms the basis for much of our work. For each of our projects, we compare the specific circumstances of an industry or organization with these general trends and project their interactions. This often allows us to form a remarkably detailed picture of what lies ahead. Part II of this report covers trends in energy, the environment, technology, management, and institutions. PDF available.

Part 1: Economic and Social Trends and Their Impacts.


Youth at Risk

By Gene Stephens

A quick scan of research on the subject of “youth at risk” yields a plethora of statistics and analysis of varying scope (worldwide or nation by nation). The United Nations estimates that the world today has 3 billion people under 25, and the youth population is projected to increase to 3.5 billion by 2020. In a new look at the plan he proposed a dozen years ago, a criminal-justice scholar draws on the insights of a Delphi panel of experts to develop new strategies for improving the prospects for today’s at-risk youth. PDF available.



Garden Atriums: A Model for Sustainable Building

By Stuart Rose

When THE FUTURIST first reported on the Garden Atrium sustainable housing project we created in southeastern Virginia (March-April 2002), it was just under way. Since then, as the project has moved slowly toward completion, I began to research what we had not initially included in our project that would be essential to sustainable living. PDF available.


World Trends and Forecasts

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