Futurist Jan-Feb 2010

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January-February 2010

How to Feed Eight Billion People

By Lester R. Brown

The world is entering a new food era. It will be marked by higher food prices, rapidly growing numbers of hungry people, and an intensifying competition for land and water resources that crosses national boundaries when food-importing countries buy or lease vast tracts of land in other countries. Because some of the countries where land is being acquired do not have enough land to adequately feed their own people, the stage is being set for future conflicts.


The Post-Scarcity World of 2050

By Stephen Aguilar-Millan, Ann Feeney, Amy Oberg, and Elizabeth Rudd

The world between 2010 and 2050 is likely to be characterized by scarcities: a scarcity of credit, a scarcity of food, a scarcity of energy, a scarcity of water, and a scarcity of mineral resources. While it is important to understand the nature of these scarcities, their causes, and their cures, our main emphasis in this article rests upon what comes after the period of scarcity.


Deciding Our Futures

As the world becomes more complex, the likelihood of making poor decisions about our future increases, as does the cost of bad outcomes. This special section offers insights from futurists on ways that we can come to grips with the flaws in our decision-making processes and improve our strategies for making critical decisions about the future.

1. Decision Making Under Pressure by Stan Shapiro
2. Decision Modeling by The Futures Group International
3. Robust Decision Making: Coping with Uncertainty by Robert J. Lempert, Steven W. Popper, and Steven C. Bankes
4. Managing Your Mind by Michael J. Mauboussin


World Trends and Forecasts

The Science of “Tipping Points”

Saving a Tribal Language

A Search Engine that Listens

Murderous Economics

Networked Learning

Retirement Crisis for Hispanic Americans

Smarter Trash

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