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Futurist Mar-Apr 2010

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March-April 2010

The Singularity’s Impact on Business Leaders: A Scenario

By Barton Kunstler

The “Human Singularity” refers to the radical fusion of the human body with technology to achive levels of mental acuity and physical ability that eclipse anything humans have previously known. One critical social function that will be affected by the singularity is leadership, a chief defining factor of a society's values, relations, and objectives. Leaders will bear much of the burden of social evolution when the “Enhanced Singular Individuals” (ESIs) of the Singularity Era enter the general population of “Norms” (those without technological enhancements). The leaders of every organization and group will be compelled to come to terms with the ESIs' advanced capabilities and the tensions, ambitions, and alliances attendant upon them.


Smart People, Dumb Decisions

By Michael J. Mauboussin

Chances are you’re unaware of the limits to your abilities, unappreciative of the challenges that lie ahead, and uninformed of all that can go wrong. Don’t worry — you’re not alone.


Roadmap to the Electric Car Economy

By Michael Horn


Global, Mobile, Virtual, and Social: The College Campus of Tomorrow

By John Dew

An educator and strategic planner outlines the trends leading to a long-forecast future for colleges and universities: Global standardization of education content and accreditation, greater diversity in the student body, and more options for where, when, and how learning takes place.


World Trends and Forecasts

Animal Species Find Strength in Numbers

Wiring the Elderly

Hopping Robots

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