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July 3, 2010

Holiday - No meeting


July 10, 2010

Economy/Market SIG

Topic: "Energy Outlook 2020-2030"

Speakers: Roger Rydberg & Dick Saunders

Abstract: We examine the 2020 and 2030 scenarios for fossil fuels, especially the U. S. boom in shale gas, the impact of the Gulf spill on the ecosystem and latest recovery plans; deepwater drilling's future, advances in auto battery technology; discussion of 2 U.S. energy bills and other questions EnergyFutures.odp

Reference: http://Short Term Outlook

Three Reasons Saudi Arabia is Running Out of Oil


Bloomberg: 'Oil Heading for Monthly Gain on Forecast of U.S. Supply Decline'


Shale Game: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-06-17/shale-game.html

Stephen J Rose - Economy 2010 - 11




July 17, 2010

Special Presentation: Societal SIG

Topic: "The Possible Futures for America from now to 2050"

Speakers: Brian Sear.

Moderator: Bill Peter

Abstract: Brian Sear is the author of a new 2010 book "Compete and Empower: increasing wealth and fostering freedom which he will summarize for us at this seminar. The book analyzes the greatness of America, the contribution of our Founders to all mankind, and the courage of our citizens who have invested blood and treasure to benefit the world we live in. He will share his findings of an historical perspective of GDP by total and major nations along with market share dynamics and the underlying importance of growth and productivity. The importance of human nature and a few significant events will be interpreted for their impact on the future. He will provide useful historical data to support a lively discussion on the preferred outcomes through 2050 and how America can achieve the most success. His presentation will take 45 minutes, and he will then lead a discussion period of 45 minutes.

Brian was born in the UK and has been an observer and participant in the American miracle for 50 years. He is an investor in early stage ventures and in emerging country businesses. He founded a venture research and development consultancy in 1985. After traveling in China in 2007, he decided to dedicate his time to publishing and speaking out on new ideas about American leadership.


July 24, 2010

Futures Workshop

Topic: Improving Futurist Presentations

Speaker: David Keenan

Abstract: We'll review some of the techniques for research, strategic planning, presentation preparation, rehearsals, and file transfer/upload for a successful talk.

Come prepared for a fast paced, high participation, practical workshop.

Presentation: Preparing A Presentation for Futurists Workshop.ppt  Preparing a Presentation for Futurists Word format.doc


July 31, 2010

Peace/Justice SIG

Topic: "A Selection of Discussion Starters for Futurists"

Speaker: David Keenan

Moderator: Dick Saunders

Abstract: 4 short video clips to prompt a short discussion, including:
     - A headset to read brainwaves
     - The future of user interface
     - A new life form announced
     - Grown homes

Presentation: HO MNF 31Jul2010.ppt


August 7, 2010

Topic: Smart Memes ... What WellBeing memes are you spreading?

Guest Speaker: Bob Burkhart

Moderator: Rog Rydberg


FIFTH Freedom Update: Anticipatory Thinking i4CQuest

Prairie Passage Flyway ... High-TEK StoryChasing

Thinking Habits

THINK Globally and InterACT Regionally but LEARN (LNT) Locally ...

Abstract: What-IF Gaia’s Global Brain were already engaged?

This memetics research case study shares emerging knowledge management/social engineering skills.

It includes back-casting analysis tools and techniques to help retrace modern social change influences ...

Background: HO-Memes and Memetics.doc (May 18, 2002)

Memes are contagious ideas, all competing for a share of our mind in a kind of Darwinian selection. As memes evolve, they become better and better at distracting and diverting us from whatever we'd really like to be doing with our lives. They are a kind of Drug of the Mind. Confused? Blame it on memes.

Community Tool Box ...

Survival Skills for Advocates



August 14, 2010

Futures Studies SIG

Topic: “Augmented Reality In Your Future?”

Speaker: George Kubik, Anticipatory Futures Group, LLC

Abstract: Augmented reality is an emerging technology that is quietly changing how we work and play. It is occurring amidst fast paced change and rising complexity, and addresses the ‘cognitive overload’ threatening our ability to function in increasingly pervasive and highly demanding knowledge environments. Augmented reality is presented as a major approach towards intelligence augmentation (IA) in our daily lives, and a key element in emerging performance enhancement systems. Please join us in a lively presentation and discussion of future opportunities in the area of Augmented Reality futures.


August 21, 2010

Technology SIG

Topic: "A Dozen Things You Should Know About Science and Technology in the Next 40 Years"

Speakers: Brian Toren and Hank Lederer WMRX

Abstract: The Next 40 Years - material for this SIG is taken from the July 2010 issue of Smithsonian Magazine. It addresses a total of 40 topics that may be in our future. Not all 40 topics will be covered this SIG. We will cover a dozen Science and technology topics from the proliferation of jellyfish in the ocean; to energy on earth; to Industry in space and beyond. Some topics will be discussed in detail while others will get short shrift. In another SIG, this time a social-cultural-entertainment SIG, another dozen topics will be covered. Stay tuned.


August 28, 2010

Category: Mini Sessions - 20 minute presentation with 10 minute discussion each

Topic 1: "U.S. Growth Slowing; What Does it Mean for Stocks?"

Speaker: Dick Saunders/Roger Rydberg

Abstract: Second Qtr. 2010 Performance Review; 3rd Qtr. Outlook; Why Isn't Reinflation Working? Is a Double Dip Coming? Where to Find Best Returns?


Topic 2:




Topic 3:




September 11, 2010

Category: Economy/Markets

Topic: "Future of Rare Earth Elements"

Speaker: Dick Saunders

Moderator: Roger Rydberg

Abstract: Rare minerals are playing an increasing role in wind turbines, electric vehicles, computers, mobile communications devices, lighting products, medical scanners and dozens of military products. But China controls 97% of the world market. What are possible alternatives to solve this looming crisis?




September 18, 2010

Category: 3 Mini Sessions - 20-minute presentation with 10-minute discussion for each


1- Nuclear Power Outlook

    Speaker: David Grider

    Abstract: A brief look at what Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen (author of "the Innovator's Dilemma", and many other books) might suggest for the future of nuclear power in the United States.  Is any company developing nuclear power as a disruptive innovation?  What might/are they doing to be successful?

2-Speaker: Dick Saunders

    Abstract: Bill Gates' vision of 5th-generation nuclear power plants; TED video

(skip first 14 min.)


3-A possible future - Jeremy Rifkin http://minnesotafuturists.pbworks.com/A%20Possible%20Future%20-%20Jeremy%20Rifkin

Speaker:Roger Rydberg



Entrepreneurship as Disease (HBR)

4:54 PM Tuesday September 14, 2010
by Jeff Stibel  | Comments (24 Views)


September 25, 2010


Special Presentation

Topic: The Practical Elements of Starting a Major New Worldwide Business

Speaker: Bill Peter

Abstract:  Bill Peter will present a summary of some of his life experiences starting and growing businesses as an Executive and now as a Consultant, applying the principles of Futurists. (What might happen in the future, what probably will happen in the future, and what we should do to CREATE THE FUTURE).

Bill will share with us the current status of "World Class Innovation" and www.worldclassinnovation.com. Even letterheads and business cards will be discussed as the starting points of a very large new worldwide business.

This will be a very interactive meeting, with the assembled group of Minnesota Futurists focusing their attention on how to make a new business succeed.


The Practical Elements of Starting a Major New Worldwide Business

10:00 am    Alternative Future Scenarios

     10:05 am     A few examples from a career of managing businesses and consulting in

                            20 market segments in 15 countries worldwide

                            --     102% yield

                            --     Auto retailing (positioning)

                            --     Pantyhose

                            --     From concept to IPO

                            --     When to liquidate a business

10:35 am     Starting a new worldwide business in 2010      (“World Class Innovation”)

-         Understanding future client expectations

-         Understanding the past and likely future market structure

-         Understanding the present and likely future competition

-         Defining the core competency of your business

-         Defining a starting business model

-         Developing a team, finances, and check points

-         And so on

11:00 am      Q/A with Bill Peter, Dave Keenan, Sue Marshall May and Ed Rogers

                      “World Class Innovation…………unleashing humanity’s full potential”

12:00 noon     Depart


October 2, 2010


Title:Mechatronic Futures

Speaker:George Kubik, PhD (Anticipatory Futures Group, LLC)

Abstract:: This month we will explore an emerging concept in design and engineering. This approach is known as “Mechatronics.” Mechatronics involves the synthesis of engineering systems and draws from the evolution of a number of engineering and related disciplines, including microelectronics, control engineering, and computer science. Mechatronics engineering is expected to lead to increased technological innovations due to its emphasis on interdisciplinary thinking.
MindMaps empower DIKW visual thinking: Also this month, we will explore yet another futures technique--“mind mapping.”

Mind mapping is a popular technique that employs diagramming to express relationships among words, ideas, and other elements using a central key word or idea. This approach towards brainstorming encourages users to identify and connect ideas without a tendency to begin within a particular conceptual framework.



October 9, 2010

Category: Economy/Markets SIG

Title: "U.S. Economic Futures -- Are We Headed for Deflation, Inflation or Hyperinflation?"

Speaker: Dick Saunders


Abstract: Although the Great Recession may technically have ended in June 2009, the recovery is agonizingly slow in spite of record pump-priming by the administration and low interest rates to date in 2010. Polls show Republicans likely to regain control of the House and threaten Democratic majority in the Senate in the upcoming mid-term elections. With record budget deficits and federal debt in sight for the next 10 years, what tax and spending choices will the new Congress make to hasten growth without creating undue inflation.




October 16, 2010

Category: Technology SIG

Title: "Advances in Robot Technologies,

Speaker: Hank Lederer

Abstracts Low labor costs vs automated factories.  When much of manufacturing will be in 'lights out' factories, will low labor costs be enough of an advantage to compensate for shipping costs?

additional links: 

LEGO Mindstorm - automated car production - video www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ3AcPEPbH0 

Ford In Brazil - flexible automation produces 5 different vehicles - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CsuY0PKW5o 

     As Chinese Wages Rise, Machines Replace Migrant Workers - article (David K)



October 23, 2010

Category: Technology SIG continued

Topic:  Nanotechnology

Speaker: Hank Lederer

     Abstract: Overview of U of Minnesota's Nanotechnology Conference held Oct 7th-8th, 2010.  Main subjects      

     were graphene production & applications and nanoparticles used for fighting cancer.


     October 26, 2010, Tuesday

     Minnesota Futurists Board Meeting

     Knights of Columbus Hall

     6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


October 30, 2010

Category: Peace SIG

Topic: "Will There Ever Be Peace in the Middle East?"

Speaker: Roger Rydberg

Abstract: Can Middle East peace talks between Israel and Palestine lead to a permanent solution. Some say it's possible within the next year. What do you think the odds are?




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJlCwicD8g8 Israelis, Palestinians Signal Deal on Settlements

     Ref: http://minnesotafuturists.pbworks.com/w/page/Middle-East-Peace-Talks-2010






November 6, 2010

    Future Studies

    Title:"Post Election Analysis and Forecast" -- an Interactive Workshop

    Moderators: David Keenan, H. Tom Trites, Dick Saunders

    Abstract:  What are the implications of the outcome of the Nov. 2 mid-term elections?  An analysis will not be presented,

    but rather this will be your opportunity to forecast what might happen in the next two years.  Anticipate a lively roundtable discussion.


November 13, 2010

    Economics/Financial SIG

    Title:"The Evolution of America’s Corporate Dictatorship"

    Presenter:Jack Carter

    Abstract:The Evolution of Plutocracy - Futures.pdf

   This presentation suggests that our government is in danger of been taken over by radical ideologues, who in no way possess Republican or American values, such as :
 - the dignity of the individual
 - the limited reach of government
 - personal liberty encoded into law
and the opportunity to grow as far as your talents, energy, and perseverance will take you.*

* Reclaiming Conservatism – how a great political movement got lost…

by Mickey Edwards, Oxford Press, NY 2008, hardcover pages 12-14.


  November 20, 2010

    Special Event - Societal SIG

    Title: "The Next 25 Years"

    Presenter: Bill Peter

    Abstract:  We have selected "20 possible events" that might occur between now and 2035. In this meeting, we

     will discuss all 20, and each attendee will record his/her judgment on paper whether the likelihood of each

     individual event occurring by 2035 is "less than 20%", "20 to 40 %", "40-60 %" or "over 60%".

The      final tally should be quite interesting to the general public via the media.

  Note: The Next 25 Years - Survey Results - click to view (Dave K) 


December 4, 2010

    Future Studies

    Title: "The Emerging Economy of Innovation and Invention"

    Presenter: George Kubik, PhD (Anticipatory Futures Group, LLC)

    Abstract:  The emergence of a new form of economics is rapidly impacting nations, enterprises, and individuals

    around the globe. This month we will examine this new form of macroeconomics, identify what makes it different,

    and study the emerging impacts it will have on the future. Every wonder how an economy based on knowledge

    and ideas will influence the future of value creation? Wonder why innovation, invention, and networking are  

    increasingly important factors in the economics of globalization?

    Join us as we address these questions and the exploding phenomenon known as the ‘new economy.’


    December 18, 2010

    Technology SIG

    Title: "Demographics in the Next Forty Years"

    Presenters: Brian Toren and Hank Lederer

    Abstract: This SIG addresses the growing population in the U.S, and the world. We will cover: the impact of a higher percent of seniors; the lack of workers; the need for intelligent immigration; and comparisons between the U.S. and other countries. Taken from Smithsonian magazine article by by Joel Kotkin, author of “The Next Hundred Years”© 2010. Some of the 20 possible events of Bill Peter’s SIG on "The Next 25 Years” are included in this review. If time their will be a few additional short subjects. There will be lots of fodder for discussion in this one.

Leadin - Click to run


    December 25, 2010

    Merry Christmas - no meeting


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