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Pathfinders Social Responsibility Conspiracy 


Co-creating ALL-WinWin ...social capital (via Adult Learning thinkLets)



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Futurethought Leader


MFSIG Content Matches: 4+

          ...Crichton suggests implications for crafting innovative scenarios  ...

          **Also See** VirtualTeamTactics  ...


Title 0: thinklets <http://futurethought.pbwiki.com/thinkLets>.

Title 1: Hoshin Planning <http://www.acctts.com/hploca/hoshinplanning/> ...
futurethought.pbwiki.com/WatershedMarshal -



Topic Content Matches: 19+



Comment Matches

  • WFS 2007 Project: Draft Overview OVERVIEW As Futurists and members of the World Future Society, we are fully committed to our own personal lifelong learning. We are also dedicated to initiate community and business innovations that will lead to creating an attractive future for a good life for many future generations of humans on earth.


Suggested MFSig Format:

(Answer the following ...)



Future thought leadership summaries must fit onto a single printed letter-size page ...


Subject (Focus)


Objective (Results)


Present (Situation-Dx)


  • Status

  • Importance

  • Trends


Proposed (Change-Rx)


Advantages (Benefits: Top-5)

Describe in only two (2) sentences of 20 words or less using action verbs.


Disadvantages (Hurdles: Top-3)

Same as above. Suggest how to overcome each issue, barrrier or challenge 


Action (Next Steps & Timeline) 


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