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What's Happening To Our Daily Newspaper

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By Walter Brasch

Downsizing The News And Pretending To Increase Quality


Newspaper owners have "maximized profits" by low salaries and minimal benefits, giving veteran reporters "involuntary terminations," significantly reduced employee education programs, cut the number of pages, reduced the page size, and increased the use of material provided by syndicates rather than local news staff. And now they complain that no one reads the paper, and they have to downsize even more.


Something to think about

Futurists' questions:


  1. Can the "economic multiplier" effect, which benefits a metropolitan area or state (as we read about in the news) as a result of hosting conventions (political, technical or sporting), also apply if a metro area switches from importing goods such as fossil fuels, to "home grown" goods?
  2. If so, how large could that "economic multiplier" effect be? Examples?

    Be ready to discuss on Sept 13 - See Home Page



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