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Warfare Technologies

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Anticipatory Thinking Involution ... MFSyllabus:

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Co-creating ALL-WinWin ...social capital (via Adult Learning thinkLets)


Naval warfare & future thought leadership ...

  • Most new technologies were first invented to support or sustain war-making!
  • History News Network

    MFSIG Fallacies ... no one ever looks at the present as future history ...

    ... Norman Solomon's book "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits

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Minnesota Futurists wiki / Anticipatory Thinking Involution

Lederer (future history author & StoryTech innovator) published "The 480" in 1964.

... Also scan: 1936-1943 USNA Alum "Fifth Freedom" profiles . ...

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User talk:RJBurkhart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 480 future history novel was co-authored by a USNA 1936 classmate

... The Leahy family (with Lederer & Richardson) may have mentored W. W. Behrens


Kansas Environmental Health Association Newsletter

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based learning (simulation) experience shifted my global view of warfare.

... for Future Thought Leadership (i4FTL) via Minnesota-based “peer mentors”
www.e-keha.org/download/2007_spring_newsletter.pdf - Similar pages


List of United States Naval Academy alumni - Wikipedia, the free ...

... II and crafted a future thought leadership role model for the first chairman

.... Commissioned as a surface warfare officer. After he left the Navy, ...

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Biosecurity Summary

The first recorded instance of biological warfare occurred in 1346 when bodies 

... 2 Post 9/11 Ecochallenges; 3 Future Thought Leadership...
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Greg Verdino's Marketing Blog: Brands

... Life Time and look for future thought leadership events on crayonville Island.

... And when we use the words of warfare to describe our efforts ...


Suggested MFSig Format ...



Future thought leadership summaries must fit onto a single printed letter-size page ...


Subject (Focus)


Objective (Results)


Present (Situation-Dx)


  • Status

  • Importance

  • Trends


Proposed (Change-Rx)


Advantages (Benefits: Top-5)

Describe in only two (2) sentences of 20 words or less using action verbs.


Disadvantages (Hurdles: Top-3)

Same as above. Suggest how to overcome each issue, barrrier or challenge 


Action (Next Steps & Timeline) 


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