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The World Future Society's Annual Conference

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July 29-31, 2007
Hilton Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN


Following are links to downloadable presentations in PowerPoint, PDF, or other formats.

Aguilar-Millan, Steven Future Geopolitics (pdf)
Aguilar-Millan, Steven Heralding a New World Order (pdf)
Aguilar-Millan, Steven
 Managing the Tower of Babel (pdf)
Albright, Thomas B.  Wurlang™
The Key to a Developed World Language
min, Massoud The Future of Fuels for Transportation (pdf)
Amkreutz, JanThe Death of Evolution: Long Live Creation (pdf)
Amkreutz, JanGet Real, Go Digital, or Be Irrelevant (pdf)
Aschenbach, MichaelVision, Transformation, and Human Technology (html)
Boylen, Charles W. Environmental Risks in Nanotechnology (pdf)
Coates, Joseph F. A Bill of Rights for 21st Century America (html)

Cordeiro, Jose • The Death of Evolution: Long Live Creation (pdf)

Daheim, Cornelia Corporate Foresight in Europe - Experiences, Examples, Evidence (pdf)
Daheim, Cornelia Regional Foresight in Europe - 2 Examples: Dusseldorf and Linz (pdf)
Dahl, Tor The Knowledge Economy: Peace and Prosperity through Productivity (ppt)
Davis, Brian
Business and Environment: A Winning Combination (html)
Davis, Earon S.
Divine Primates: Hope for an Environmentally Sustainable Future (html)
Destatte, Philippe Regional Foresight Boosting Regional Potential (pdf)
Falkowski, Gerry
Virtual Teaming - Next Steps (ppt)
Fink, Bonnie Using Learning Communities to Foster Futuring: The BGSU Experience (pdf)

Franklin, Esther • Cognitive Transition and the New Consumer Mind (pdf)

Gary Jay The Future of Futures Research (pdf)
Gary Jay
 • The Future According to Jesus (pdf)
Groff, Linda
The Death of Evolution: Long Live Creation (pdf)

Harris, Drew Nanotech is Now (pdf)
Hayward, Peter Big and Small Hope
Heizelbecker, Klaus Futuring and Sustainable Development at BASF (pdf)
Hines, AndyIntegrating Foresight into Organizations (pdf)
Hofheimer, George Filene (pdf)
Holton, Viki
The Future of Teams (ppt)
Jones, Pam • The Future of Teams (ppt)
Judkiewicz, Daniel M. If Crises are Natural, Can We Avoid Them or Manage Them? (ppt)
Keenan, David  The Future of Fuels for Transportation (pdf)
Lee, Jim
Future of Biofuels (html)
Mack, TimothyThe Death of Evolution: Long Live Creation (pdf)
, JimUnderstanding the Emerging Technologies Life Cycle (pdf)
Morgen, Sharon DrewThe Actions of Hope: Creating Buy-in by Shifting Beliefs(ppt)
Morrow, Rowena Big and Small Hope
, Rolf  The Future of Fuels for Transportation (pdf)
, Jeff Filene (pdf)
Strong, KayUsing Learning Communities to Foster Futuring: The BGSU Experience (pdf)
Thorbeck, Dewey Rural Design: A New Discipline (ppt)
Tikku, Mohan K.
Geopolitics of an Idea: Future of Democracy in South Asia (html)
Troutman, Stephen
Virtual TeamingNext Steps (ppt)


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