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Mar 24, 2007 (Enlightenment vs. Empowerment?)

Management, Society, Education Futures ... MFSIG 

Title: 21st Century Management

Discussion Leader: Jack Carter

Abstract: We have grown out of Freud’s concept of self ...

Knowledge economies are people-driven ... 



PeopleWare: i4CQuest-thinkLets ...

Human Ecology < Sociology in the Yahoo! Directory

Explore topics on family and consumer sciences, education, and institutes related to this discipline.
dir.yahoo.com/Social_Science/Sociology/Human_Ecology/ - Cached - Similar pages

"siconversations.org" 2007 future thought leaders


Smart Mobs

A Website and Weblog about Topics and Issues discussed in the book

Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution by Howard Rheingold.

via http://www.smartmobs.com/


Saving the World - Making a Difference

environment economics politics stories business innovation knowledge management entrepreneurship eco blog.

via http://blogs.salon.com/0002007/


Literature review for hypermedia study ...

from an individual learning differences perspective - all 6 versions »  

CR Song - British Journal of Educational Technology, 2002 - Blackwell Synergy

... 02148, USA. Literature review for hypermedia study

from an individual learning differences perspective ...

Cited by 4 - Related Articles - Web Search


2007 Resources

It should be the basis for all future activities including policy development,

... Generations United, a national leader in mutigenerational programming has ...





Title: Minnesota Future Problem Solving Program

Discussion Leader: Cheryl Whitesitt, Executive Director, MN Future Problem Solving Program


  1. Taking Students into the Future:

      Teaching Them How to Think ... Not What to Think

  2. The Minnesota Future Problem Solving Program is an award winning, educational program and was founded in 1974 by Dr. E. Paul Torrance,

        who is internationally renowned for his work in creativity and gifted education. He was also concerned about the future.

  3. Mission and Vision Statements

  4. Goals and objectives

  5. Explanation of six step Future Problem Solving Process    

  6. Program components

            - Team and Individual Problem Solving

            - Scenario Writing

            - Community Problem Solving 

   7. Students study today’s challenge and by projecting into the future, brainstorm possible challenges, the underlying problem, and possible solutions the underlying problem.

   8.  Hands on activity walking through the process

   9. Past, present and future topics

 10. Discussion on how the MN Futurists might contribute to and support the efforts of the MN FPSP in developing future thinking skills in students





Agents of Change in a Changing World`(PDF)

and see them as a launching pad for the future.

Agents of Change in a Changing World. (continued on page 3). THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ...



March 2007.pub (PDF)

thought leaders in all sectors and disciplines and offering

... http://www.siconversations.org. Tools for dismantling structural racism ...



WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green

...Posted by: Doug Snodgrass on February 4, 2007 3:30 AM.

http://www.siconversations.org/shows/detail1142.html ...




To apply for Green Corps' 2007-2008 Environmental Leadership Training

... and can be subscribed to via http://www.siconversations.org/rss.html> RSS feeds. ...



Al Gore at TED: How to live a carbon neutral life | Carbon

...Thought you all might be interested in this one below.

I have heard that the only biofuel that is, ... http://www.siconversations.org/shows/detail1040.html ...



Thought leaders, problem solvers.

Meadowbrook puts five percent of its revenue toward supporting




A leading global resource for the business community and thought leaders around the world,

... go to http://www.siconversations.org/series/globeshakers.html. ...



Social Accountability International

There was much discussion during the day about social labeling’s future.

... for social entrepreneurs – visit: http://www.siconversations.org For a podcast ...




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