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Planet U

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Co-creating ALL-WinWin ...social capital (via Adult Learning thinkLets)


Planet U ... ISBN 0-86571-557-2


Sustaining the World, Reinventing the University

(c) 2006 by Michael M'Gonigle & Justine Starke

NewSociety Publishers http://www.newsociety.com 


The emergence of the movement for Planet U is as important for tomorrow's world

as was the creation of  the environmental movement in the decades of yesterday.


Its unique capability is to foster MACRO change from micro precedents.

... It is time to rediscover that institution that, in our own backyards, we have for so long taken for granted.


In the process, we might just sustain the WORLD by reinventing the university.


Back Cover "Bookjacket Blurb" by Elizabeth E. May, O.C.,

Executive Director with the Sierra Club of Canada ...



Planet U

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Elizabeth E. May, O.C., Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada

Smart, savvy and sassy, Planet U takes on big ideas in specific ways. M’Gonigle ...

www.newsociety.com/titleimages/plu_endos.pdf - Similar pages  


http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/ca/88x31.png This Wiki is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA - Creative Commons

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Future thought leadership summaries must fit onto a single printed letter-size page ...


A research facility in Melbourne, Australia. 

Purpose of groups is to work on models of worldwide ecologically friendly practices to add to the knowledge ...

www.global.rmit.edu.au/ - Cached - Similar pages


Subject (Focus)


Objective (Results)


Present (Situation-Dx)


  • Status

  • Importance

  • Trends


Proposed (Change-Rx)


Advantages (Benefits: Top-5)

Describe in only two (2) sentences of 20 words or less using action verbs.


Disadvantages (Hurdles: Top-3)

Same as above. Suggest how to overcome each issue, barrrier or challenge 


Action (Next Steps & Timeline)


KBS-KUEA-KUAA_ KVHA-Eco-Futures-Forum_8519rtf.rtf (703KB: Sample SOPPADA Summary)


Visio-NGMaps-Topo-Explorer-InterOp_8428xm.pdf (59KB: EcoTekUSA Digital Library Inititative)


NPS-APIS_Ancient-Voices_8503pm.jpg (158KB: Apostle Islands EcoTrekUSA mapXchange Pilot)


2006 Partnership Designation Criteria.pdf (96KB: Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area Guidelines)


FFNHA National Significance and Themes 4_30_08.pdf (212KB: NatGeo Sustainable Destinations Master Plan)


  • USNPS ... National Heritage Area (NHA) Business Case Study (Cultural Heritage Fundraising Framework):


What Do These People Have in Common?

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
are covered by the FFNHA. Promotion of Heritage Area concept to Congress. October, 2006
U.S. Congress passes legislation and sends to President, ...


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