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Mid-East Iraq

Bush wants to continue to democratize the Mid-East Iraq

>- End of civil war (aka sectarian violence)

>- Each group (Shiite, Sunni and Kurd) want separate statehood within Iraq but each wants share of oil revenue

>- But each considers that compromise equals dishonor



>- Avoid revolution of rural poor by improving their economic situation and quality of life

>- Continue high rate of economic growth

>- Urban population aspires to US consumption levels

>- Want to avoid foreign intervention in internal policies

>- Communist government wants to maintain dictatorial power even as China becomes a stronger capitalistic society



>- Public wants less corruption which permeates their country

>- Public wants to continue with democratic form of government

>- Wants more economic islands

>- Public wants to continue population growth levels

>- Maintain peaceful coexistence of multiple religions (can Mid-East

learn from this?)



>- Muslim minorities are protesting discrimination

>- Muslims espouse more control of news outlets and public speech

>- Many in Europe want to expand the EU to include social concerns

rather than just economic areas

>- Corporations want to reduce welfare system in order to be more

competitive worldwide


All countries

All countries have varied desires for and inhibitors to peace

. Need for peace initiatives to avoid escalation to nuclear war is an


. Achieving peace is far more complex and difficult than waging war

. Can US government succeed in achieving peace as a global police

force when faced with the existing level of complexity and divergent

goals of various countries?

. Is it possible to achieve global education for peace and if so, how?

. Will "human nature" accept global peace in the foreseeable future?



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