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Past Meetings 2007

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Minnesota Futurists 2011 Home Page

2011 Current Meeting & Topic Schedule

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February 24, 2007

Title: RFID and Privacy Futures

Discussion Leader: David Keenan and Duane Carlson

RFID and Privacy Futures.ppt


April 21, 2007

Title: Global Warning - Winners and Losers Possible Economic Futures

Discussion Leader: David Grider and David Keenan



April 28, 2007

Title: Implanted Medical Device Futures

Discussion Leader: Dave Keenan & Hank Lederer

Implanted Medical Device Futures brief.ppt


May 05, 2007

Future Studies & Special Presentations

Title: Synthetic Worlds

Discussion Leader: Aaron Grimm with Tom Ables

Abstract: The Future of Education Today


May 12, 2007

Economic/Finance Futures SIG

Title: $100 Laptop

Discussion Leader: Tom Trites

Abstract: Econ Sig:$100 Laptop


May 19, 2007

Technology Futures SIG

Title: New Technology-Batteries

Discussion:  Leader:Hank Lederer

Abstract: New batteries Nanophosphate Lithium-Ion Batteries


May 26, 2007

Society/Management Futures SIG

Title: White Hole in TIME

Discussion Leader: Hank & Jack

Abstract: White Hole In Time Text (Also see The Global Brain Awakens)

Video - In this video, Peter Russell proposes that we stand on the threshold of a major leap in evolution, as significant as the emergence of life itself, and the essence of this leap is inner spiritual development. Moreover, he maintains that it is only through such a shift in consciousness that we will be able to manage successfully the global crises now facing us.


June 02, 2007

Future Studies & Special Presentations

Title: Application of Future Studies

Discussion Leader:  George Kubik

Abstract: The group will brainstorm and apply Future Studies training to issues and implications.


June 09, 2007

Economic/Finance Futures SIG

Title: The Not So Predictable Future

Discussion Leader: Jack Carter

Abstract: This presentation is a counterpoint to most articles you read from state or federal officials. The official view is always bright and predictable, but America’s future is anything but predictable. You will see how official views compare with those of reigning political, economic, and media experts. You decide who to believe and what we should do.

I believe that once past a tipping point where more firms take more than they give to society, employers have to cultivate moral behavior to sustain growth and profit.

The not So Predictable Future

or The Not So Predictable Future.ppt presentation

Also See Econ Sig - The Dollar, Econ Sig Issues


June 16, 2007

Technology Futures SIG

Title: The Global Brain

Discussion Leader: Rog Rydberg


The Global Brain Awakens 

PowerPoint : Heylighen1.ppt


June 23, 2007

Society/Management Futures SIG

Title: Internet II

Discussion Leader: Dave Keenan & Hank Lederer

Abstract: Internet II


June 30, 2007

Peace Futures SIG and Annual Meeting

Title: Middle East Alternatives (see Ending Middle East Oil Dependence)

Discussion Leader: Hank Lederer

Abstract: Short and long term U.S. role. Alternative energy and U.S. dependancy on middle east oil.

Annual Meeting 11:15-11:45 

AGENDA: The agenda has been developed from input provided by you, the

MNF membership, per our previous request. The agenda will consist of the following: 

1. FINANCIAL REPORTS: A status report from our Treasurer regarding MNF financial status. (Includes an MNF balance sheet and income/expense statements for the year.)

2. ELECTIONS: MNF Annual elections

3. MNF 3RD DAY: A brief review of planned activities scheduled for our MNF 3rd day session (to be held immediately following the WFS 2007 Conference).

4. FUTURICS: A review of issues regarding future publication of our Futurics journal (with a request for member input and suggestions).

5. OPEN FORUM: An open forum for MNF members to provide their input concerning MNF activities and options.


July 7 2007

Future Studies & Special Presentations

Title: Bracketing the Future

Discussion Leader: Brian Toren

Abstract: Bracketing is the process used to determine who plays who in sport tournaments. I thought maybe this process could be applied to forecasting the future. My plan is to try this out on all willing subjects at this SIG. I will explain the process a bit more, discuss a couple of tools to use to forecast the future and divide participants into small groups (I'll leave the interpretation of this to the reader). I will hand out some worksheets to each group and they can have at it. Afterwords I would like to critique of the process.


July 14, 2007

Economic/Finance Futures SIG 

Title: John Naisbitt's Vision of the Future

AbstractNaisbitt Futures from his latest book, MIND SET!

Presentation: A Review and Critique John Naisbitt’s View of the Future.ppt

Handout: Alvin and Heidi Toffler's Industrial vs. Informational Paradigms.ppt

Handout #2: Naisbitt's 1982 Megatrends.ppt

A Vision for the 21st Century: "I am not a student for anyone else's agenda. I go out and find the answers to my own questions... not from someone else's list." Russell Crowe, summed up his work philosophy.

Discussion Leader: Jack Carter


July 21, 2007

Society/Management Futures SIG

Title: Future of Aging - Video of presentation by Aubrey de Grey

Discussion Leader:Dave Keenan

Abstract: de Grey discusses Strategies for Engineering Neglible Senescence (SENS) and the 7 factors of aging

Handout: HO-Future of Aging.doc


July 28, 2007

Technology Futures SIG & Tee shirt pick up

Title: The universe is queerer than we can suppose - Video presentation by Richard Dawkins

Discussion Leader: Hank Lederer 


July 30, 2007

World Futures Conference

Future of Fuels for Transportation

Presented by: David Keenan, Prof Massoud Amin, Rolf Nordstrom

Future of Fuels for Transportation_Final rev12NX.ppt


A Discussion of the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems

Presented by: David Keenan, Hank Lederer, Steve Vetter

Discussion of Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems D. Keenan S. Vetter H Lederer.ppt


August 4, 2007

Future Studies & Special Presentations

Title:  WFS2007 Debrief

Discussion Leader: Tom Abeles, George Kubik & Dave Keenan


August 11, 2007

Economic/Finance Futures SIG

Title: Identifying early warning systems for future trends in society: 26 MAJOR TECHNIQUES AND TRAPS

Discussion Leader: Bill Peter

1. Society systems are very complicated; don’t expect silver bullet solutions.

2. It is important to be humble. We don’t understand many of the forces of the universe, the worldwide marketplace and human psychology.

3. Beware of considering that two events which have a statistical correlation represent a cause and effect relationship. Most events which happened in the same time frame have absolutely no cause and effect relationship.

4. Beware of stating your own personal prejudice as a proven principle of how society operates. Anecdotes are valuable, but they are not universal truths

To download the Fut26traps.doc


August 18, 2007

Technology Futures SIG

Title: Synthetic Organisms

Discussion Leader: Hank Lederer

Abstract: Craig Venter (of Human Genome Fame) has a new venture to develop minimal genome organisms that can be engineered as efficient producers of fuel.

Ref. www.syntheticgenomics.com


August 25, 2007

Society/Management Futures SIG

Title: Virtual Worlds - Real World Issues and Opportunities

Discussion Leader: David Keenan

Abstract: Since January 2007, subscribers to the Massively Multiplayer Online Game Second Life has grown from 2.3 million to 8.3 million.  There are now over 100 real world companies who have set up shop in Second Life.  Over 250 schools have established a presence in the virtual world.  We will explore some of the latest news to emerge from this new space and consider some implications for the future.  A copy of the handout and all the links to video and audio can be found at http://www.mnfu turists.org/PDFCurrent/Virtual%20Worlds%20RealOpportunities.pdf

HO-Virtual Worlds Real Opportunities.doc


September 1, 2007

Future Studies & Special Presentations

Title: Future of Academic Publications

Discussion Leader: Tom Abeles

Abstract: 25,000 professional, academic journals in the world are facing pressures from electronic publishing, blogs, Google Scholar, etc.  More to come.


September 15, 2007

Economic/Finance Futures SIG in lieu of Technology Futures SIG

Title: Ancient wisdom meets education and critical thinking 

Discussion Leader: Jack Carter, Principal, Wealth Generation 

Presentation: Ancient Wisdom Meets Education and Critical Thinking.ppt

Abstract: I am responding to an article on our website entitled “Critical Thinking Teaching Strategies and Classroom Techniques.”

In order for education to be effective and critical thinking to occur, a person has to know themselves and their nature, and be continually supported by a culture that reinforces that knowledge.

These insights are based on ancient wisdom a la Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers.

Other references: Education Innovation


September 22, 2007

Society/Management Futures SIG

Title: The Future of Health Care: Quantum Healing.  You CAN heal yourself!

Discussion Leader: Brenda Miller

Abstract: Quantum Healing: The Future of Health Care

Imagine a world where AIDS is just another infection, and where cancer victims routinely experience spontaneous remission.  Futurist, Brenda Miller will discuss conventional medicine vs. complimentary alternative therapies; and a breakthrough, innovative technology, which promises to forever change the way we think about well-being and human potential, that could take the place of medicine within 30 years.


Brenda will discuss the paradigm shifts to Quantum Healing, as opposed to the realm of diagnosing and curing.  Attendees will learn how this new self-healing technology is measurable and stems from the holographic principles in physics and the work of physicists David Bohm and Niels Bohr: the universe is actually a three-dimensional projection no more real than a hologram; everything is energy and everything vibrates at a unique frequency, including diseases, and for every imbalance there is a frequency that will neutralize it; and everything in the universe is infinitely interconnected and therefore holds the "secret" toward healing and quantum consciousness.


Brenda will also address the threats of what is occurring in our world that stands in the way of us advancing and healing ourselves, the implications if this technology is accepted by the mainstream, and the dire consequences for those who do not.

View the presentation => new crotona.ppt


September 29, 2007

Peace SIG

Title: Is The Iraq War End In Sight?

Discussion Leader: Rog Rydberg

Abstract: (For reference -  Peace Sig Issues )


October 13, 2007

Economic/Finance Futures SIG

Title: America's Fiscal Policy: We Must Look to the Future.

Discussion Leader: Jim Zitek

Presentation: As member of the speaker's bureau of the Concord Coalition. I have a 30 minute presentation that illustrates the problems of current fiscal policy (deficits) and where these deficits are headed if nothing is changed. This is followed by a discussion about what can be done to (discretionary and nondiscretionary) programs/budgets to change this trend. Long-term, if we do nothing, the U.S. could be facing a fiscal calamity if we don't get federal spending and revenues into balance. At the end of the program, I have five questions we hope each member of the audience will ask their candidate in the upcoming election. This is non-partisan. The questions are for all parties. We need solutions not politics.

(The Concord Coalition is a Washington D.C. based, non-profit,  non-partisan organization advocating responsible fiscal policy. It was

 started by Warren Rudman (R-NH) and Paul Tsongas (D-Mass).)

Ref Econ Sig : 2007 Forecast    Econ Sig - The Dollar


October 20, 2007

Technology Futures SIG

Title: Ten Future Web Trends

Discussion Leader: David Keenan

Abstract: Drawn from a nice article on ReadWriteWeb  10_future_web_trends

The Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Worlds, Mobile, Attention Economy, Websites as Web Services, Online Video/Internet TV, Rich Internet Apps, International Web, and Personalization

Handout: HO Ten Future Web Trends 20Oct07.doc


October 27, 2007

Society/Management Futures SIG

Title: The Coming Pandemic

Discussion Leader: Eric Hand

Abstract: The world has suffered 10 Influenza A pandemics in the last 300 years. The one in 1918-19, according to a recent study, killed about 50-100

million people worldwide, compared to about 9 million killed in WWI. Now a consensus of world experts believes a new pandemic, with ominous similarities to the 1918 one, is evolving in Asia. If it achieves easy human-to-human transmissibility in the next year or so, we would have no effective drugs or vaccines available in large amounts for at least 6 months to one year. Since it would spread thru the world within a few weeks, what would happen to our delicately balanced just-in-time economies, and to people who are far more dependent on each other and their governments than ever? What we can do to mitigate this coming disaster.


November 3, 2007

Future Studies & Special Presentations

Title: Student Participation in Minnesota Future Problem Solving Programs

Guest Speaker: Cheryl Whitesitt, Executive Director, MN Future Problem Solving Program (MN FPSP)

Moderator: David Keenan

Abstract: MFSP is an award-winning educational program founded in 1974 by Dr. E. Paul Torrance, internationally renowned for his work in

  creativity and gifted education. He also was concerned about the future. The MFSP classes cover the following topics:

   1.Teaching students how to think, not what to think

   2. Defining mission and vision statements

   3. Explaining six-step Future Problem Solving Process

   4. Developing team and individual problem-solving skills, scenario-writing skills

   5. Identifying underlying problems, and brainstorm possible solutions.

   6. Walking through the process

   7. Discussing past, present and future topics


November 10, 2007

Econ Futures SIG

Title: Revolutionary Wealth (Part 1)

Discussion Leader: Jack Carter

Abstract: I challenge some of noted futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler's conclusions about the future of society expressed in The Future Shock People Are Back.doc

See: Revolutionary Wealth.ppt 


November 17, 2007

Technology Futures SIG

Title: Really Tall Buildings

Discussion Leaders: Hank Lederer and David Keenan

Abstract:  There is a new global competition for the tallest and most amazing buildings.  We'll review recent examples and look at proposed structures in the near and far future. (Roger:  pls change text in this sentence from boldface to lightface. I don't seem to be able to do it.)

HO-TallBuildings HL.doc

MNF Tall Buildings 17Nov07.ppt


November 24, 2007

Society/Management Futures SIG

Title: Unleashing Wisdom

Discussion Leader:  Bill Peter 

Abstract: First public discussion of the book "A 21st Century Book @ www.2020and2035.com". The book is a new genre available free on www.2020and2035.com and includes a combination of essays, DVD's and a CD presentation format. Importantly, it is an optimistic view of the future as a welcome contrast to "doom and gloom" views we hear so often in our worldwide society.

Background info: Fifty Years From Now.doc Unleashing Wisdom.doc


December 1, 2007

Future Studies & Special Presentations

Title: Reducing Human Numbers to a Sustainable Level

Guest Speaker: David Paxson

Moderator: David Keenan

Abstract: World Population Situation

Web Site:worldpopulationbalance.org


December 8, 2007

Econ Futures SIG

Title: Revolutionary Wealth  (Part II)

Discussion Leader: Jack Carter

Abstract: Second part of the Alvin/Heidi Toffler futures book

Presentation: Revolutionary Wealth.ppt 


December 15, 2007

Technology Futures SIG

Title:  Forecasting Energy Demand Using Systems Theory

Discussion Leaders: David & Lyn Grider

Abstract:  Future Trends In Energy Consumption


December 22, 2007

Society/Management Futures SIG

Title: U.S. Health Care Crisis: Real or Imagined?

Discussion Leaders: Hank Lederer and Roger Rydberg

Abstract: Film maker Michael Moore turns his controversial lens on U.S. limited health care plans as seen by citizens of Canada, France, England and Cuba -- and decides ours is lacking

Reference Video: "Sicko," a film by Michael Moore, Canada Health Care - Real Story


December 29, 2007

Peace Futures SIG

Title: War Made Easy

Discussion Leader: Roger Rydberg

Abstract: "War Made Easy"

Over the years, Norman Solomon has distinguished himself as one of the pre-eminent analysts of the American media and political culture.

In "War Made Easy," Solomon dissects the time-proven slogans and propaganda techniques that have been used by administration after U.S. administration to--in effect--motivate the American people against themselves and their own best interests--not to mention those of citizens in many other nations.


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