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2007-MFSemantic Web

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Dan McCreary

Semantic Solutions Architect at Syntactica :: http://www.danmccreary.com/ 

Our mission is to be a leader in the strategic adoption of metadata and semantic technologies.

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Semantic Solutions Architect


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**Trends for 2007

... In other words, speed rules.

Can search engines accelerate users toward the info...


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Semantic Web ...

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Ivana Vujovic, Erich Neuhold, and Veljko Milutinovic


Semantic Web is a concept that enables better machine processing of information on the Web, by structuring documents written for the Web in such a way that it becomes understandable by machines. This can be used for creating more complex applications (intelligent browsers, more advanced Web agents), global databases with the data from the Web, reuse of information, etc. This tutorial explains all of the above, using both basic theory and the appropriate examples.

Semantic modeling languages like the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and topic maps employ XML syntax to achieve this objective. New tools exploit cross domain vocabularies to automatically extract and relate the meta information in a new context. Web Ontology languages such as DAML+OIL extend RDF with richer modeling primitives and provide a technological basis to enable the Semantic Web. These concepts are explained through examples and case studies.


Finally, the logic languages for Semantic Web are described (which build on the top of RDF and ontology languages). They, together with digital signatures, enable a web of trust, which will have levels of trust for its resources and for the rights of access, and will enable the generating of proofs for the actions and resources on the Web.

Nodalities ... Wiki Futures ... Wikinomics


... W3C Semantic Web Education & Outreach (SWEO) Interest Group ...

to my rather faded copy of that Scientific American article from 2001, ...
blogs.talis.com/nodalities/2006/12/ - Cached - Similar pages


Includes technical information, history and explanations about how the game functions.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Life - Cached - Similar pages
W3C's Semantic Web logo. W3C's Semantic Web logo ...


Social Interaction Economic XML

"group decision support systems" Sprague

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