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Mentorship Vision 2005

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ALL-WinWin ... Collaboration Guidelines ... MentorshipART

to Anticipatory Thinking Involution via MBWA WordPlay

guided by an unreasonable man ...  


This back-casting blurb recycles & reframes MFSIG initiatives for "Bridging the Gap" between the 2001 & 2007 www.WFS.org conferences.  These global events were guided and directly influenced by innovative social capital investors of the Minnesota Futurists Society (MFS) ... 


PMThink Project Management Thought Leadership: SiteMap


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Bill Moyers Journal: Bill Moyers Asks: What is the Meaning ... 

From his deep conversations with Joseph Campbell on the profound subject 

.... I thought Bill Moyers was a little cowed by Dr. Cone and perhaps afraid ...

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>> Because in the end, it's not a matter of simply getting along. It's more about a willingness to take a risk, risk which don't always end in certainty and comfort. Now, there's a litmus test. Because that is a true sign of honesty, curiosity ,courage and conviction. <<


PDF: On Our Own T erms On Our Own T erms 


www.pbs.org/onourownterms/ ON OUR OWN TERMS: MOYERS ON DYING IN AMERICA ...
www.pbs.org/wnet/onourownterms/community/pdf/On_Our_Own_Terms_6.pdf - Similar pages



Our Leadership Learning Collaboratory (LLCrew) launched '"[Mentorship] [Vision] [2005]"'

after assessing feedback from and impacts of our MnIPS "[virtual ...

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thinkLets wiki / ACCTTS-LLC



This effort was part of an ongoing "Mentorship Vision 2005" to pre-stage

... Led MnFuturists/MnIPS "Mentorship Vision 2005" social responsibility efforts!
futurethought.pbwiki.com/ACCTTS-LLC - Cached - Similar pages
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Mentorship Vision 2005: What are the critical common connections

between sustainable environmental protection & community-based emergency preparedness ...

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ACCTTS - Management Support Solutions, Inc.



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... Minnesota Information Professional Society - MnIPS Mentorship Vision 2005

... Planning Committee Member & Liaison for MnIPS Mentorship Vision 2005 ...
www.acctts.com/InterAcctts/RJBurkhart-LLC-Profile-2006-n04.rtf - Similar pages
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FYI :: This forum evolved over three years from pursuing

"Mentorship Vision 2005" with the MnFuturists-SIG Sat-AM discussion groups. ...

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for Future Thought Leadership (i4FTL) via Minnesota-based “peer mentors”

who creatively and col-. lectively subscribed to our “Mentorship Vision” 2005 ...
www.e-keha.org/download/2007_spring_newsletter.pdf - Similar pages - Note this



MnIPS Mentorship Vision 2005 Launch Adaptive Studio: Tips Tricks & Traps to AVOID 
Click-to-PAUSE ... 3n10pm-8: CLOnet-LLC / MnIPS Mentorship Vision 2005 ...

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Eco-Futures thinkLets 


BlogalizationConspiracy(cc); MnIPS Mentorship Vision 2005
HICSS Persistent Conversations IBM Social Computing Group; FutureThought Leadership ...
eco-futures.blogspot.com/2003_12_07_eco-futures_archive.html - Cached - Similar pages 
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Mahalo to "ALL-WinWin" advisors plus KELP & MnFuturists Mentors

for your savvy advice & support to enhance our "evolving" "Mentorship Vision 2005...

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NEKS-WhalesTale : Message: File - NEKS-WhalesTale-Join.txt


Mentorship Vision 2005 Virtual Chapter Tips MnIPS BuildANetwork 
Yahoo Group Instructions @ http://www.mnips.org/doc/network.html ...

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Bridging The Gap is a not-for-profit organization that encourages local and global 
... KVHA began StreamLink in 1998 as a pilot volunteer water quality ...

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bridgingthegap.org - Newsletter Archive

December 2008

Volume 3, No. 4

Welcome to the Choose Environmental Excellence E-News!Our E-News continues our 13-year tradition of informing you about our


programs, projects and events, as well as keeping you up to date on

environmental happenings around Kansas City - and the world!

Our theme for this issue is "Use Less, Waste Less."



File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Description: Bridging The Gap offers a wide variety of volunteer

... kvha@kvha.org. Web site: www.streamlink.org;. www.kvha.org
www.marc.org/environment/pdf/EEResourceGuide.pdf - Similar pages



Taking Students into the wikinomics Future:



This paper has these sections:


[1] An overview of the group dynamics theories of structural functionalism of Talcott Parsons (1951) and how they can be used in the study of social change.
[2] Theories of technology transfer, including modernization theory and how it has evolved into a theory of sustainable development.
[3] Theories of futures studies forecasting that have evolved into a new field of study called anticipatory science.
[4] A summary section discussing common themes and future directions needed to achieve social change.
WCDM-2005: Operational Continuity Practices (OCP) :: Presponse Systems Thinking
(Visual Learning Labs)


i4FTL-2002: Digital Library Initiative ... http://Futurethought.org

EcoTrekUSA: Co-Piloting Eco-Futures Forum ... http://futurethought.info

MFSIG-2008: ALL-WinWin MentorshipART of Peace ... http://futurethought.biz


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