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Where cited: Futurethought ... "memetics research" futurethought


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Social Network Analyisis Toolkit

The operators of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia demonstrate the phenomenon through Wikipedia itself: on a specially established page, interested people have listed how many links lie between several pairs of randomly selected articles: in the shortest case, more than six steps are necessary.


For the (English) version of Wikipedia, there is even an automated tool that gives the shortest route between any two articles.


In just six years, Wikipedia has mushroomed into one of the Web's most astonishing successes, with 1.7 million articles in English alone. The downside is that the free encyclopedia has its share of errors and juvenile vandalism, and sometimes the writing is incomprehensibly arcane ...


This week, Sanger takes the wraps off a Wikipedia alternative, Citizendium.
His goal is to capture Wikipedia's bustle but this time, avoid the vandalism and inconsistency that are its pitfalls.


Like Wikipedia, Citizendium will be nonprofit, devoid of ads and free to read and edit.


Unlike Wikipedia, Citizendium's volunteer contributors will be expected to provide their real names.

Experts in given fields will be asked to check articles for accuracy



(WIRED 2007 Wikipedia "Human Touch") drives ConfidenceBasedLearning (CBL)

>>Wales' plan for the Search Wikia project is to put ordinary users in charge of ranking search results. Heavy lifting such as indexing and raw ranking will still be done by machines, but the more nuanced work of deciding how search results are displayed will be completed by humans.<<


My UH-Manoa (MBA-Info.Sci.)

graduate studies tutor was Dr. Ralph Sprague during 1969-71.


He's since become "defacto godfather" of advanced distributed group decision support systems ...

Our career paths re-crossed in Jan-2001 (at HICSS-34) when I shared "lessons learned" from "CyberCrime Fighting Forum 2000" staged at Metro-MN's University of St. Thomas. Our ACCTTS-LLC crew helped Dr. Bernie Folz celebrate their "Graduate Programs in Software" (GPS) 15th Anniversary!


Office of Technology. Bernie Folz. Professor, University of St. Thomas

[PDF] MN.Com report FINAL :: shovels that drive all these internet .....

@ http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/199912/01_newsroom_dotcom/images/dotcom.pdf


Note: GPS-1985 was inspired by the Minnesota Joint Computer Conference (MJCC) collaboration.


It was incubated by our ASM Twin Cities Chapter's focus on co-sponsoring "high caliber" continuing professional education. GPS launched two years after the Minnesota EDPAA/ISACA Chapter began its mutually-beneficial CISA Exam "team tutoring" program format ...


As an Upper Midwest ASM International Regional Director, I challenged other regions to adapt our adult learning model.

During 2004-2008, this framework became the hub of our Prairie Passage (in Kansas) Eco-Futures Forum(cc) initiative ...


Swift Trust & Virtual Team Tactics(cc)

Swift Trust & Virtual Team Tactics(cc)

Swift trust is playing an increasingly important role in virtual temporary systems ....

Reputation and social network analysis in multi-agent systems. ...

More on this product



Preview "ALL-WinWin" NextSteps for Navigating Dragonfly County Neuroscapes:




where KM=Knowledge Management & SE=Social Engineering

@ http://www.technorati.com/profile/geoWIZard  **


See Sidebar: mapXchange Hyperportal for TOPO! geoWIZards


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Be Aware or BEWARE :: US Cyber Command in 'fivefold' staff expansion @ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/268808671481498633/

Bob-RJ Burkhart said

at 10:35 pm on Dec 22, 2013

Target Stores' massive 2013 CyberCrime exceeds our Metro-MN "CyberCrime Fighting Forum 2000" forecasts! Find the backstory @ http://t.co/06Lzlkgf3G

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