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Future of Cloud Computing

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Brian McClendon Kicks-Off KU-GIS Week

Interviewing Google Earth's Brian McClendon :: (Purged RLO)

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*** Software and Hardware of Cloud Computing (Lecture) Brian McClendon, Google VP of Engineering

Monday November 16, 2009 12:00pm - 1:00pm Nichols Hall, Apollo Room
KU alumnus Brian McClendon will discuss software and hardware of cloud computing -- including MapReduce and Global File System (GFS). McClendon is co-creator of Google Earth, whose features are possible because of the scalable nature of its server infrastructure.

Contact: 785-864-2934, jhummels@ku.edu Department: School of Engineering

Ticket Cost: Free


Larry Dignan over at ZDNet has an interesting summary today of a skeptic’s take on cloud computing, courtesy of Bernstein analyst Jeffrey Lindsay. This wins a link thanks to the handy chart showing the complete cloud stack, and mapping out who’s who in this game:

Cloud12_4Lindsay downplays cloud computing as a significant business trend, pointing out scant revenues for service providers such as Amazon, among other things.


What Lindsay misses, in my view, is the disruptive influence of cloud services in enabling cheap experimentation.


We’ve used Amazon’s S3 and EC2 services at Wired.com as a sketchpad, testing ideas without requiring major hardware or hosting investments.


The economics are a game changer for start-ups and skunk works, so before we count the cloud out let’s give it a bit more time to make some rain.

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