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Meeting & Topic  Schedule


Contact us at bktoren@mchsi.com


CoCreating & Sharing: Possible / Probable and
Preferable or Avoidable Alt-Futures Awareness





Our pledge as Minnesota Futurists 


As a group of strategic thinkers, planners and lifelong learners, we engage in intellectual discussions on the important early indicators that we see as potential future trends.


We challenge each other's imaginations to develop scenarios of what might happen in the future, what probably will happen, and what we want to make happen or avoid to proactively create an  Alt-Future!



Advancing serious and responsible investigation of future scenarios,

without advocating ideologies or political activities.


Mission: To provide a forum for discussing alternative futures.


Vision:  Get people to think about (influencing their) futures


Values:  We believe every human being shapes the future.

                We respect and encourage differing worldviews.


Weekly Meetings are Saturdays from 9:30-11:30 AM

  Annual Membership is $30. Plus, a $3 donation is recommended at each

meeting for coffee and pastries. Guests are welcome. First time guests are free.

MNF RENEWAL February 2018.pdf


Sign up at http://www.Meetup.com for weekly meeting automatic notices.

Quarterly 5th Sat-AM Programs may be at another location in Bloomington, MN.


For background about the Minnesota Futurists please visit our Official Web Page at http://www.mnfuturists.org

 At this site, you will find information about tools and methodologies of futures research, plus results of other's research. Our research includes papers and links to websites on specific subjects,

Also posted are regular meetings and Board meeting agendas and minutes.


Knights of Columbus Building - Meeting Room

1114 American Blvd West Bloomington, MN 55420

 K of C Building


Google Map to Knights of Columbus Building (952) 888-1492

Source: Google Maps



Take American Blvd. (one block south of 494) to Dupont Ave. S. (a block or so east of 35W).


Visitors since 8/1/2009:

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Also see (2007-10 MentorshipART mapXchange ... Actionable Distilled Insights (thinkLets) :: http://minnesotafuturist.pbworks.com/w/page/34110129/Hoshin

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at 7:03 am on Jan 18, 2018

Check-out our Facebook CommUNITY PROfile ... https://goo.gl/Kw5mpe

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at 4:01 am on Jan 20, 2018

Join our Mn-Futurists Group Chat Room .... https://goo.gl/LtC2Dv

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at 11:24 am on Feb 23, 2018

Category:Anticipatory thinking - Wikipedia
Category:Anticipatory thinking. This category is located at
Category:Systems thinking. Note: This category should be empty.

Systems theory - Wikipedia
Systems theory is the interdisciplinary study of systems. A system is a cohesive conglomeration of interrelated and interdependent parts ...

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at 9:51 am on Mar 25, 2018

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Preview FutureThought Leadership Learning Collaboratory (LLCrew) Discussion Draft:

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