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Dan McCreary

Semantic Solutions Architect at Syntactica :: http://www.danmccreary.com/ 

Our mission is to be a leader in the strategic adoption of metadata and semantic technologies.

  • partners,
Semantic Solutions Architect


Note: This sample template used the search keyword semantic 

A: To create an annotated index to related topics - where used ...

B: To append the Futurethought [SandBox] "thinkLet" (below)

C: To seek similar pages - social network analysis (3rd derivative)


D: To empower KM Organizational Learning communities of practice

E: To expand sharable social "tagging" among future thought leaders

F: To inspire adaptation of field-tested Futurist Wisdom paradigms ... 


http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/ca/88x31.png This work is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.




Story image for wikipedia "futures studies" from Knowledge@Wharton

What Science Says About Achieving Peak Performance

Knowledge@Wharton-May 10, 2017

... consciousness (cf. the hard problem of consciousness)(Wikipedia). ...

A number of futures studies scenarios combine elements from both ...


WikiLinks Eric Hoffer: Dr. James R. Holmes

(The Habits of Strategy) CSR-i4CQuest ...


USNI-Strategy-Holmes01x.txt (Outline-WPExport)



Story image for wikipedia "futures studies" from Core77.com (blog)

How Can Futures Thinking Amplify Design Thinking?

Core77.com (blog)-Jul 1, 2010


In the field of futures studies, this is called environmental scanning.

It's a strategic approach to acquiring information in order to stay current on ...




via “Sustainable Commons”



Fast Company Draft 4sf.pdf (TCRI-SFont)


EarthSea-Keeping Whale Tales (Pinterest Album)


FEMA Presents Guiding Principles and Practical Strategies

for Building a **Culture of Preparedness** 


FEMA recommends the “novel methodology” of “Culture Brokers

to help operationalize the guiding principles.


It identifies people with local knowledge and the trust of community members who are capable of bridging gaps, willing to help, and would be trained to use the guiding principles to enhance local levels of preparedness.



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Rail Awareness Daily Analytic Report (RADAR) February 8 – 14 (RAN)
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Thunderbird Could Allow for Arbitrary Code Execution (MS-ISAC)
The Cyber Shield – February 15 (NMCIWG)
Open Source News – February 15 (IT-ISAC)
These documents are located in the following area: Publications > Documents > General Information

China: The Risk to Academia
China: The Risk to Corporate America
Case Example: Front Companies (Chinese Citizen's Targeting of Former Employees to Acquire Chemical Refinement Process)
Case Example: Cyber Threats (Chinese Cyber Hackers' Targeting of U.S. Aerospace and Military Intellectual Property)
Case Example: Non-Traditional Collectors (Chinse Government Sponsored Theft of U.S. Proprietary Insulation Technology)
Case Example: Insider Threat and Non-Traditional Collection (Chinese Citizen's Theft of Proprietary Corn Seeds to Fulfill China's Development Goals)
Case Example: Insider Threats and Joint Ventures (A U.S. Superconductor Company Targeted for Trade Secrets)
Case Example: Non-Traditional Collector (Chinese Citizen's Theft of Weapons Technology for Chinese Employment Opportunity)
Case Example: Research Partnerships (Chinese Engineer's Targeting of Highly Sensitive Defense Materials)
OPS Daily Digest – February 15
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