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2018-Virtual Team AswanS-EMSynchroniCITY

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"WIRED.com" "End of Internet" Wikinomics 2010 


Recycling Prior “Lessons Learned” :: http://bit.ly/cISxCu
in a Faith-Based Community of Practice (CoP) :: 

What Now?


What's Next?


http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/ca/88x31.png This work is licensed under a  

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Bob-RJ Burkhart (LCDR-USNR, Ret) (Event Organizer) sent a message to the Minnesota Futurists mailing list


Exploring EMS-EcoHERStory

Future-Thought MindShift ...


Minnesota Futurists - Professional Project  / AswanS-BLOCKS via StoryTreks-SwiftTrust


Ends-Means Synthesis (HELP Squad Glossary)

The Science of Being Human (Sep-2018)

Scientific American (Volume 319 Number 3)

Humans: A Singular Species (Special Issue)


I. SmARTmemes Exploration

A. RLO: Reusable Learning Objects

B. RCISAction: RECursive CONtiguous IMPROV-mint ACTivities



A. EoST-AswanS: ANTICipatory small world adaptive networking SynCHRONicity

B. GSS: TransMedia ThortSpace for Generating Systems of Success


III. Futures Studies

CoCreateX (C4ISR Art of Warfare)

CoCurateY (i4CQuest Art of Peace)

A. Outline of Futures Studies


B. WikiLinks: Theory of Mind / Futures Studies



IV. Influential Futurists (Critical Success Factors)


A. OODA-Loops: W2Oceanography

B. GDSS Groupware: AO-22 Whales-Tale


2010-BioError thinkLets 


2018-Virtual Team AswanS-EMSynchroniCITY.pdf

V. Social Capital Investing

A. PDL: Pass Down the Line

B. KSRequest: Keyword Search Request


VI. Purpose:  Mission VISION & Values (1968-2018)

Advancing serious and responsible investigation of future scenarios,

without advocating ideologies or political activities.


Mission: To provide a forum for discussing alternative futures.

Vision:  Get people to think about the future.

Values:  We believe every human being shapes the future.

We respect and encourage differing world views.

Weekly Meetings are Saturdays from 9:30-11:30 AM


Annual Membership is $30

Plus, a $3 donation is recommended at each meeting for coffee and pastries.

Guests are always welcome. First time guests are free.



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Searches related to Future Thought GameStorming

(AdHOCracy MindShifting)

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gamestorming a playbook for innovators rulebreakers and changemakers pdf


gamestorming: a playbook for innovators pdf


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LeapFrogU (2007-09) Leadership Learning ColLABoratory ...

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USNavy Admiral Striker (AO-22) Hassle Elimination Learning Process (HELP)Pass-Down-the-Line (PDL-Logbook) :: http://fmhb.pbworks.com/w/page/130656162/NESA-ROCS%20GeoVenturing-HELPSquad#comment1565022604

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