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 MFS-Folder-ID: ALL-Win4CQuestMOMM ... MSC-SmART-memes ...


BackCasting Template: Mentorship Vision 2005 

via Futurist Wisdom plus ALL-Win4CQuestMOMMatrix





UNODIR Mission for engaging MentorShipART Vision 

Blended with 20-May-2002 SmARTmemes Values (2007-17)


This work is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


ALL-WinWin ... Collaboration Guidelines ... MentorshipART

to Anticipatory Thinking Involution via MBWA WordPlay


guided by an unreasonable man ...  


This back-casting blurb recycles & reframes MFSIG initiatives for "Bridging the Gap"

between the 2001 & 2007 www.WFS.org conferences.  


These global events were guided and directly influenced

by innovative social capital investors of the Minnesota Futurists Society (MFS) ... 


PMThink Project Management Thought Leadership: SiteMap


FYI :: This forum evolved over three years from pursuing

"Mentorship Vision 2005" with the MnFuturists-SIG Sat-AM discussion groups. ...

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for Future Thought Leadership (i4FTL) via Minnesota-based “peer mentors”

who creatively and collectively subscribed to our “Mentorship Vision” 2005 ...
www.e-keha.org/download/2007_spring_newsletter.pdf - Similar pages - Note this


MnIPS Mentorship Vision 2005 Launch Adaptive Studio: Tips Tricks & Traps to AVOID 
Click-to-PAUSE ... 3n10pm-8: CLOnet-LLC / MnIPS Mentorship Vision 2005 ...

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Eco-Futures thinkLets


BlogalizationConspiracy(cc); MnIPS Mentorship Vision 2005
HICSS Persistent Conversations IBM Social Computing Group; FutureThought Leadership ...
eco-futures.blogspot.com/2003_12_07_eco-futures_archive.html - Cached - Similar pages 
[ More results from eco-futures.blogspot.com ]

  1. Memes, Memetics and Marketing: A State of the Art Review and a ...https://www.researchgate.net/publication/259528416_Memes_Memetics_and_Marketing_A_State_of_the_Art_Review_and_a_Lifecycle_Model_of_Meme_Management_in_Advertising
    Meme-based, multimedia marketing campaigns however also su er from unique disadvantages. Traditional media-based campaigns o er tight control of the ... merits of memes and memetics in marketing communications let us rst review some key issues. in the science of memetics. Memetics: an overview. Dawkins ... 
  2. The Mystery of the Routine - Geoffrey Hodgsonhttp://www.geoffrey-hodgson.info/user/image/mysteryroutine.pdf
    The contemporary enthusiasm for “memes” and “memetics” far outstrips the achieved degree of clarity and consensus concerning such core categories. A meme has been variously described as a unit of cultural imitation (Dawkins, 1976 ), a unit of information residing in a brain (Dawkins,. 1982), units of culturally transmitted ...


Taking Students into the wikinomics Future:


This paper has these sections:


[1] An overview of the group dynamics theories of structural functionalism of Talcott Parsons (1951)
and how they can be used in the study of social change.
[2] Theories of technology transfer, including modernization theory
and how it has evolved into a theory of sustainable development.
[3] Theories of futures studies forecasting that have evolved into a new field of study called anticipatory science.
[4] A summary section discussing common themes and future directions needed to achieve social change.

WCDM-2005: Operational Continuity Practices (OCP) :: Presponse Systems Thinking 
 (Visual Learning Labs)


i4FTL-2002: Digital Library Initiative ... http://Futurethought.org

EcoTrekUSA: Co-Piloting Eco-Futures Forum ... http://futurethought.info

MFSIG-2008: ALL-WinWin MentorshipART of Peace ... http://futurethought.biz


Pages with tag 'swift trust' at 'futurethought'

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  1. Category:Anticipatory thinking - Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Anticipatory_thinkingRedirect arrow.svg, This category is located at Category:Systems thinking. Note: This category should be empty. See the instructions for more information. Administrators: If this category name is unlikely to be entered on new pages, and all incoming links have been cleaned up, click here to delete.
  2. File:Anticipatory Thinking Skills-3o26.jpg - Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Anticipatory_Thinking_Skills-3o26.jpgOperational Continuity Assurance (OCA) Mindshift Object (thinkLet). Created October 26, 2003 by Robert J. Burkhart, LCDR-USNR, Ret. at Bloomington, Minnesota. WCDM-2005: Operational Continuity Practices (OCP) :: Presponse Systems Thinking (Visual Learning Labs poster session). -- geoWIZard-Passports 10:28, ...






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