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Prepared Minds Favor Chance HyperPortal (PMFCH)

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Empowering StoryTech ... SmartMeme ... LostLegends ... Innovation Nation ...

... La Flecha ... FIFTH  Freedom ... DIKW (Facilitated Thinking Guide)

During the movie made from this script, "Big Mike" examines

Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms coffee table book ...


Recursive Keyword-Search Request (RK-SRequest) ... 

Wikipedia Ends-Means Synthesis ... YouTube McLuhan



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White Paper

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(WFS - 1990s). Strategic Thinking,. Hoshin Planning. (Drucker, HP 1980s) ...

So what are thinklets? In its purest sense a Thinklet can be as simple as “asking the ...

The following schematic depicts a Facilitated Thinking Innovation ...

www.innovationtools.com/PDF/Innovation_Infrastructure_Heindl.pdf - Similar


  1. worldfuture 2009--Social/Cultural Trends

    Facilitated Thinking Environments: The Assembly Line for an Information Age ...

    called thinklets, will improve information-worker thinking productivity. ...

    www.wfs.org/2009business.htm - Cached - Similar


  2. [PDF]

    Innovation and Creativity in a Complex World

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

    Facilitated Thinking Environments:The Assembly Line for an Information Age Workforce (p.31 ...

    Would your organization help make WFS conferences even more useful? ...

    thinklets, will improve information- worker thinking productivity. ...

    www.wfs.org/WF2009_final_programWeb.pdf - Similar


  3. Facilitated Thinking Environments: The Assembly Line ...

    Prepare yourself for tomorrow's challenges by joining WFS today ...

    ... called thinklets, will improve information-worker thinking productivity. ...

    online.printmailcom.com/drupal/index.php?q=node/548... - Cached - Similar



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Freedom's Frontier

Society of New Santa Fe ...Where is the OneKC: ... Leavenworth ...... Modern Social Change Theories ... [Freedom's Frontier] ... Pathfinder ...... StoryTech Singularity ...... Stubbs Mansion … Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 1 yr ago
  • Palo Flechado Pass

    080002 Rio Grande-Santa Fe Watershed :: 1302020 ... Carrizo Wash Watershed :: HUC8-15020003 Garmin-gpx MS-Windows Loader for custom points of interest (POI) The input files can be downloaded … Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 9 mos ago

    Search 8015-B Santa Fe KS 66204 Applied psychology - Wikipedia The basic premise of applied psychology is the use of psychological principles and theories to overcome problems in other areas, such as mental health … Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 8 mos ago


Game-changing Innovation Is the PSR/Primary Survival Requisite (Duh), Why Women Are So Much Better Leaders Than Men (Duh II) (and They Also Buy Everything, Though Just Try Telling That to the World‘s Advertising … Bob-RJ Burkhart uploaded 5 mos ago


  • FFNHA National Significance and Themes 4_30_08.pdf 216.4 KB transportation innovations and routes that played central roles in military actions, settlement, migration and commerce. During the first two-thirds of the nineteenth century, this region was a crossroads where peoples … Bob-RJ Burkhart uploaded 7 mos ago
  • KDOI Optimistic News Articles, Innovation, Technology Tags: postmodernism No Comment This year’s April/May issue of Innovate includes an interview by James Morrison with Joel Barker and Scott Erickson: propose … Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 2 mos ago
  • i4CQuest Acquisition" influence innovation sharing education research processing "social capital" thinkLets / Emotional Overtones FAQ CBQL - Swift Trust: Tips, Tricks & Traps (to avoid). Science.com Brink "emotional… Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 4 wks ago
  • DIKW Kansas_University#Computing_innovations .... [Delphi method] - developed by [RAND] for [USAF]; Ends-means synthesis]; [Memes] ... futurethought.pbwiki.com/Anticipatory%20thinking%20(futures) More results from futurethought… Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 2 wks ago
  • Kanza Grasslands think about INNOVATION in a corporate context Manage, Train & Measure Productivity of the REMOTE EMPLOYEE Identify SECURITY CHALLENGES introduced by the transition into Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Bob-RJ Burkhart (geoWIZard) edited 1 yr ago
  • Incremental Conceptualization [locked] [PDF] Foresight, Innovation, and Strategy File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat Harlan Cleveland, president emeritus, World. Academy of Art and Science, and former ambassador to NATO ... Extreme Futures: Manoa Scenario… Bob-RJ Burkhart edited 4 mos ago



FFNHA_Storytelling-Toolkit_8d03msw.pdf 289.9 KB

Find criteria for evaluating the success of the methods that you choose

Telling your stories is an important way to show how your site connects to other sites and stories in the Freedom’s Frontier…

Bob-RJ Burkhart uploaded 7 mos ago  

I wasn't sure how far Wilson, Kansas was from the Chisolm Trail, so I created a transect and topographical profile from Wilson to Abilene ...

Note: Elkader, Kansas is on US83: U.S. Foreign War Vetereans Highway


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