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MSW-File Conversion Guidelines

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Futurist Presentation Procedures.docx

edumanual / Document Import - The PBworks Manual


Supported Formats: Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), OpenDocument Text (.odt), WordPerfect (.wpd), Plain text (.txt), Rich Text Format (.rtf). This will create a single workspace page with the content of the text document . Any embedded images in the document will be uploaded to the workspace as files and embedded in the new ...


New Feature: Document Import | PBworks Official Blog


May 7, 2009 - Our newest feature – Document Import – allows you to convert your Microsoft Office files into pages on your PBworks space. The recent document management release allowed you to upload and share your documents and files – but it was still tricky to copy information 


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Future thought leadership summaries must fit onto a single printed letter-size page ...


Subject (Focus)


Objective (Results)


Present (Situation-Dx)


  • Status

  • Importance

  • Trends


Proposed (Change-Rx)


Advantages (Benefits: Top-5)

Describe in only two (2) sentences of 20 words or less using action verbs.


Disadvantages (Hurdles: Top-3)

Same as above. Suggest how to overcome each issue, barrrier or challenge 


Action (Next Steps & Timeline)


Visual Learning thinkLets




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MN Future Problem Solving Program


SOPPADA-Hawthorne View Commons 

... An easy way to remember what goes into the summary is SOPPADA:

... Soppada Presentation Evaluations: Each participant will be asked ...
www.acctts.com/OPKansas/Index2.htm - Cached - Similar pages


Planning - Action Plans - SOPPADA


  • An overview of skills & knowledge needed

... to help your community improve. www.acctts.com/whatsahead/


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It has been spell and grammar checked by Microsoft Office , but that is no guarantee.


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