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Folder-ID:  MN-Futurists Inspiration (File Uploads from Dropbox Apps)


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VISION – CoLABorate to devise a pragmatic understanding of alternative futures. 

MISSION – Provide a sustainable forum to research, discuss and share future impacts & implications. 

VALUES – Every group participant helps shape their own future. 


Possible Probable Preferable Forecasting 


Futures techniques used in the multi-disciplinary field of futures studies by futurists in Americas and Australasia, and futurology by futurologists in EU, include a diverse range of forecasting methods, including anticipatory thinking, backcasting, simulation, and visioning. Some of the anticipatory methods include, the delphi method, causal layered analysis, environmental scanning, morphological analysis, and scenario planning.






This work is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Mn-Futurists SmARTmemes BLOCKS

[Blended Learning Organization ColLABorative Knowledge Sharing] CSR Ethics STE9PS Concepts

http://minnesotafuturist.pbworks.com/w/page/21441167/MindShift ...


Support your main idea with subtopics, adding additional ideas using RapidFire or the Create tool. 

Use symbols and text to express your ideas, links to show relationships, and notes to add detail.


ALL-WinWin #GlobalBrain S-T-E-P-S




ALL-WinWin #GlobalBrain S-T-E-P-S @ http://www.inspiration.com/Curriculum-Integration/Inspiration. ... 

File-ID: DIKW-NOAA SmartMemes_x4-503xm WebspirationPRO-URL: http://www.webspirationpro.com/view/1476372a36d75

Adapted from ... #Kanzana (1754-2054) GeoVenturing Leave No Trace (LNT) ... Culture of ...


A. Enforcement (C4ISR)

Zero-Sum Game (JCS-SIOP)


NOUN the act or process of enforcing.

1. Encroachment

2. Entitlement


B. Continuing Eduction



NOUN the knowledge acquired through a learning process.

1. Envisioning

2. Energy


C. CAS2T Ethics




CAS2T: Complex Adaptive Systemic & Systems Thinking 


1. ADJECTIVE affecting the entire body. [a systemic infection.]


3. NOUN an ordered set of doctrines, ideas, or principles. [a system of ethics.]


PLURAL NOUN (used with a sing. verb) the branch of philosophy that deals 

with values pertaining to human conduct, such as good and bad or right and wrong actions and motives; moral philosophy.


NOUN the study of the geographic distribution of living organisms.


MOMMatrix ... Motive / Opportunity / Methods / Morality 


NOUN an idea, need, desire, or impulse that causes a person to act in a particular way or do a particular thing; reason. [His motive for the killing was unclear.]


1. NOUN a chance for an improved situation. [The job offer is a wonderful opportunity.]


2. NOUN systematic and orderly arrangement of actions.


3. NOUN moral or virtuous character.


1. Economics

2. Environment




CommUNITY Social Responsibility (CSR)

1. Attitude (Ends-Means)

a. Aptitude (Empowerment?)


2. Ability (ALL-Win4)

a. Agility (MindShifting)


3. Accountability (Prudent Person PDL) Precautionary Principle


HO-Memes and Memetics.doc


Our pledge as Minnesota Futurists


As a group of strategic thinkers, planners and lifelong learners,

we engage in intellectual discussions on the important early indicators

that we see as potential future trends. 


We challenge each other's imagination to develop scenarios of what might happen in the future,

what probably will happen, and what we want to make happen – thereby proactively creating the future.


The purpose of the Minnesota Futurists is to advance serious and responsible investigation of future scenarios,

without advocating particular ideologies or engaging in any political activities.


Source: http://mnfuturist2011.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewAllPages


MnSCentury College Library MBWAround ROCStewardShip (Swift Trust Photo Album)



Ivanti LANdesk VIPanel (Pinterest Board)


MnSCentury College Library MBWAround ROCStewardShip (Swift Trust Photo Album)



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